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Feb 23, 2013 5:30am PST
he will not do any sort of no-fault eviction on my client and will be or abide by the rent control increases if this was a rental unit in a multiunit dwelling not in a single family home which has no rent increase limitations. >> glad stone. >> first of all, i want you to think about what mr. duffy just said he said that it does not look like a three-unit building, i agree, we do not main thayne that it is. the fact that there is no record at housing inspection division of inspections, is because it is not a three unit building. they don't inspect two unit. my client does not maintain so, i agree with mr. duffy, but it is a two unit building and it looks like it. >> i want to point something out in the statements made by mr. bascovich he leads you to believe that when he went down to the building department to get a seismic permit the building department said absolutely not. you have to verify and show us that it is a single family home and we will not issue the permits otherwise and we want to see a three-hour permit. that is not what happens and mr. duffy can tell you that the bu
Feb 22, 2013 9:00pm PST
that on february 5th, mr. zaches called me to discuss settlement and asked my client to make an offer. a couple of days later i sent him an e-mail stating that my client want to stay where the unit rent controlled without being evicted but he would consider making an offer. this was very difficult for my client to make such an offer and i also told him why doesn't his client make us an offer and mr. zaches refused and insisted that we make an offer. and again it was over after ten days that my client put forth an offer it was not 6 figures. and i do believe that they are trying to settle and work it out and i don't think that this should be a part of it, but i will state that if this owner has no interest whatsoever in evicting mr. hyman then he should be able to state on the record and stipulate as a condition to having these permits approved that mr. hyman's unit will remain as a separate rent controlled unit and that mr. hyman could not be evicted unless there is a good cause reason under the rent ordinance and the reason is not a no-fault eviction, he cannot evicted for an ellis act for ill
Feb 24, 2013 4:30am PST
, but in order to grow his business, he's needed to master the art of delegating and getting his clients to trust his employees ads mump as they trust him. ♪ i've got a fish in my dish >> i can put any kind of fish tank in my house but i wanted it to be a piece of art. >> he's been designing one-of-a-kind custom aquariums for the rich and famous since 1998. >> i've done cc sabathia. he loves his aquarium. i've men with jennifer garner and ben affleck, the young harry morton. i've done a lot of huj funders and billionaires as well. >> it's justin's original designs that keeps city aquariums in high demand. >> every single one of my projects is unique, whether the fish are different, the change of the tank or shape of the aquarium. whatever it is, i don't like any of my work to be duplicated. >> but creating the work comes at a price. each job requires his personal touch so justin can only take on a number of limited clients. >> most of my clients need a lot of attention. we're not a large company. we're a boutique company. i take on a number of clients i'm able to deal with at the moment. >> rep
Feb 23, 2013 5:00am PST
the key point is and the assess soar says it too. the key record is the 49 cfc. 2012, the client hires me and says that i want you to look at my building. now, i was the president of the structural engineers when the soft story program started in 1995. i was the president of the applied technology council when we wrote the city soft story ordinance, i know what a soft story building looks like and we brought the building inspector out and it is all glass. the back wall of this building is totally glass and it needs a steel frame. the problem is if i walk in today and file for a permit for a three unit building, and you can ask the inspector this, the people on the first floor will kick it back because that is what is there now, there are three kitchens they will kick it back and say pat you are wrong, they can look up the cfc on-line and they will say that it is a single family house, so you cannot get a permit on this building right now unless if you say three, they will say wrong and correct it down to one. there is 15,000 letters going out in the next three months for all of the buildi
Feb 20, 2013 9:00pm PST
client has interacted. and that is one piece of paper. the other is an irs statement, it is a letter to vocal point financial network. in care of mr. alfred chan. >> what are the documents that you personally retrieved or someone retrieved from the internet? >> could you come over and respond to that? >> sure. these documents were obtained from the tenant, vocal point network today in response to inquiries today from scott sanchez, zoning administrator. >> that is correct, he asked us today to clarify and give him paperwork as to whether this was a insurance company or a financial company. >> is there a declaration? >> there is a letter from the client, which i can hand you which says to whom it may concern, i am a licensed financial adviser. i provide various services. i own two companies. vocal point financial network and vocal point insurance. and then it describes that the financial network company includes financial plan, retirement planning, investments and estate planning and invest related life insurance and innewties for the clients. >> i mean that you red it into the record
Feb 17, 2013 9:00pm EST
involved in helping its american clients defraud the u.s. treasury out of billions of dollars in unpaid taxes. >> what do you think was most valuable thing that you gave to the u.s. government? >> the amount of clients and the amount of assets managed by ubs in the united states out of switzerland. >> and that was how much? >> that was 19,000 clients and around 20 billion swiss francs, which is about $19 billion. >> of the percentage of american accounts that you represented, how many would you say were trying to evade taxes? >> my own clients? >> mm-hmm. >> i would say about 90%. >> did people tell you this was their intention when they opened an account? >> it was the unwritten rule. you didn't have to discuss it. people wouldn't fly all the way to switzerland to open accounts just because they wanted to declare their money. >> and as a private banker for ubs, birkenfeld would help his clients invest, spend, and move their money. one example he told us about involved withdrawing cash from a customer's account, buying some diamonds in geneva, and then smuggling them into the u.s. for t
Feb 22, 2013 8:00pm PST
that if he was successful with the board of appeal his client will initiate the ellis act. in any event, if this were to become a single family home, mr. hyman's unit would seize to exist as a separate unit, and if he is evicted due to the work, the landlord has no requirement to let him back in because his unit ceases to exist. if he let's him back in the client could increase the rent by any amount and has insin you ated that he would do that and pass on the cost of the renovation. and we recommend that there be an independent consultant such as a staff member of the department of building inspection to look to see if the building needs seismic work and if such intentive work is need and then they could give a notice of violation for the work to be done. >> some of the opposition has stated some facts which i think are relevant to the issues beforehand and they are not true. i do have with me declarations and evidence refuting those facts. it is just that if this board would like to see them, however, they are not pertinent to the issue at hand and with that, i would like to pass this
Feb 20, 2013 10:00pm PST
don't blame them. i would also like to point out that my clients for many years have had to go through the troubles of going to the planning department for merger applications, it is a lot of time, it is fees, it could take four months and the planning commission could decide to turn down a unit merger very easily and because they have a policy of trying to keep every unit no matter how big or how small, but especially the small ones in the rental market. we believe that this was an attempt to go around the planning department to go around the planning commission, to the building department makes the mistakes and the planning department makes the mistakes and m sanchez indicated that a mistake was made on the previous case. it is only when it is given the right information it does a much better job. if you are not going to disapprove this permit tonight, i certainly ask that you grant a continuance to allow an independent party to look at whether a seismic retrofit is needed and i ask that you ask the building department to take another look at the permit history. i ask that you ask th
Feb 24, 2013 9:00pm EST
man used to be a greedy type of firm in trying to build its long-run profitability by serving clients interest. his argument was that had changed. something in the operation of goldman said at people were more focused on their arsenal success and the success of their subunit. this is a topic that was very controversial here. i hope that we can have an interesting dialogue between greg and people in the audience. you probably have all sorts of different views. welcome back to stanford and we look forward to hearing what you have to say. >> [applause]thank you very much. can everyone hear me ok? is that a yes? it is a great privilege for me to be back here. like you said, the first time i ever came to america was the day i arrived at stanford. i associate stanford with a lot of great things, a lot of idealism and optimism and it is great to see a lot of familiar faces. there are three or four people here for my freshman dorm which is terrific. i was sitting where you were about 15 years ago, although the business school did not look like a hotel back then. it looked a little bit less fa
Feb 22, 2013 7:30pm PST
a business profession office and as a result we called the client who sent us this. let me just state on the other subject that in my experience, when the back of the building department permit is stamped or written on, and the box that it is written on says planning department, it is the planning department box that it is generally a planner who writes it in there. and the planner had at his or her access, the complete building permit history for the site, it is on-line. and the building permit history for the site i think is looked at by the planner and it could have been looked at and it would make it clear that the existing use is not office, and the fact that the contractor puts the word office in the box called existing use, simply means that the contractors in most part are not as educated as architects and land use attorneys and many of you to know that when you put in a word in the existing use box you should be putting in what the legal use, not the use that he or she sees. unfortunately many contractors put in what they see in the existing use of an alteration permit. the f
Feb 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
of partnerships you had at bane or who you were consulting with. >> absolutely. working with different clients. bane's experience. it comes to mind i read an interesting article over the weekend on lincoln's school of management. with the movie lincoln. and it was so striking that the... some of the principles are lessons that president lincoln practiced back then. still apply today. if you want to build an enduring company. the ability to confront and overcome adversity. resilience. the ability to listen thoughtfully, listen to people with all different points of view. and form a perspective. the ability to have enough emotional intelligence that you can stay committed to a broader purpose. and yet have the flexibility to make tough choices and challenges. so many of those things i learned earlier in my career i still apply today at ebay. >> charlie: is that the culture you want to see at ebay? >> i want a culture that cares about its purpose and people join e-bay because of our purpose. i want a culture of innovation and i want a culture of learning and growth. where each of our people are l
FOX Business
Feb 28, 2013 5:00pm EST
're traveling all around texas, meeting clients and talking to employees. melissa: you have cowboy boots on and belts. i don't know if everybody can see that. let me ask you. i was looking at a lot of data you look at intern anily to order to see what people are doing. i was shocked how people are spending. looking for data the week ended. this is year-over-year thing. you can't say it is seasonal. talking about travel and entertainment up 11%. lodging 11%. auto rentals, 1%. airlines 10%. this is compared to this week last year. this is not a fluke. like president's day or something like that. it is building. are people doing better?. >> we have 50 million customers that spend on debit cards and credit cards, first six years have been great. spending is up we're seeing across the board. they're buying furniture for their houses. taking families out to dinner. they're traveling more. things look at the beginning of the year. melissa: that is great. barry, what about clients in high net worth area. >> we focus on high net worth clients in the branches. similar to what rye ryan said. invest
Feb 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
mr. adachi talk about the work he does with his clients and his defendants and i think that is all extremely important and good. on the flipside of that, the d.a.'s office handles relationships and ensures that victims and witnesss are being taken care of during the criminal justice system as we move through the criminal proceedings. i think it's very important that that portion of the appropriations also be supported. back to you, mr. chair. >> thank you, president chiu. colleagues any other questions of staff? seeing none, i will open it up to public comment. i have a number of speaker cards. if you want to fill out a speaker card, we have them available here. otherwise you can line up after these folks are called. so if you will speak in this order: [ reading speakers' names ] >> good afternoon, supervisor, ads serves survivors of domestic violence and other forms of violence against women and both trafficking within our shelter, as well as for outside clients. most of our [speaker not understood] we see women on the streets and living in cars and they need to be brought into
Feb 12, 2013 11:30pm PST
that has been supported not only in my work but in the work with the client and the survivors that we work with in the community. i want to start by thanking mayor lee for the authorization of the women's act, a key piece of legislation. (applause) this award is special but in some ways the work should always continue to live on beyond just me as an individual, beyond any individual in the work should always live on in us together when we talk about collaborating in sfr san francisco. for the long-term in the future. the asian pacific legal outreach was founded in 1975 to promote cultural and legalistic services to the most marginalized in this community and i had the benefit of standing on the shoulders of giants with the agency had a sister relationship with other agencies amazing agency such as the asian women shelter, cameron house and arica. in this fight against domestic violence, what is legal work? what is a restraining order out a piece of paper if there is no shelter or safe place? such as the ones that -- provide for the survivors. but is a -- together these agen
Jan 31, 2013 4:00pm PST
cliente, don fernando castillo. mi cliente, don fernando, vive en méxico. está gravemente enfermo. antes de la guerra civil conoció a una mujer joven y bella-- rosario. rosario era amiga de teresa suárez. don fernando siempre creyó que rosario había muerto en la guerra pero la señora suárez dice que no y además, don fernando cree que tiene un hijo con rosario. ¿sabe ud. algo de esto? todo esto es nuevo para mí. ¿la señora suárez nunca le habló de rario o de don fernando? no... nunca... jamás. and so raquel must now talk to miguel ruiz, elena's husband and son of teresa suárez. hola, elena. este es mi esposo, miguel ruiz. mucho gusto, miguel. mucho gusto. ¿qué va a tomar? ¿un vino? ¿una cerveza? aquí sirven un fino estupendo. raquel: ¿un fino? sí, el jerez es un vino fino. un fino está bien. ioiga! un fino para la señorita, por favor. la especialidad de la casa es la tortilla española. la tortilla española se hace con patatas, huevos y cebolla. primero se calienta el aceite y después, se fríen las cebollas. papá... ¿sí? ¿podemos salir? sí, pero cuidar de t
Feb 7, 2013 4:00pm PST
confidencialidad de mi cliente. at other times, you will hear a narrator tell you something about the story in spanish. narrador: todas las mañanas, teresa suárez va al quiosco y compra un cupón de lotería. in this episode, you will learn the seasons and months of the year in spanish. you will also learn the words for some basic colors. color morado... ( suspira ) "querida raquel, fernando está peor. me urge comunicarme contigo". captioning of this program is made possible by the annenberg/cpb project and the geraldine r. dodge foundation. en un apartamento madrileño raquel espera a la señora teresa suárez-- la mujer que le escribió una carta a su cliente, don fernando castillo. la señora suárez es la única persona que sabe si rosario murió o no en la tragedia dguernica. suárez: rosario no murió. gracias a dios, escapó de esa tragedia. raquel le hace una serie de preguntas: ¿murió rosario durante el bombardeo de guernica? ¿tuvo un hijo? la señora suárez le contesta que rosario no murió. tuvo un hijo, y se fue con él a vivir a la argentina. en buenos aires, se casó de
Feb 25, 2013 1:30pm PST
in a minute and have i a new letter dated today related to the appeal my client filed with the planning commission's approval of the conditional use authorization for the project. so most of my comments on the substance of this project are set forth in the letter. letters. the new issue here is the appeal that my client filed last thursday. the clerk has rejected it this morning on the basis of a city attorney opinion. and i wanted to give this board the opportunity to reconsider that decision by the clerk. the city attorney opinion takes the position that because a planning commission decision to approve the conditional use authorization without first preparing a supplemental eir, as we believe is required, is not an appealable decision to the board of supervisors. we think that is wrong under public resources code second, 21151. the city attorney opinion does not address the primary question, which is what is the legislature's intent? as the supreme court has held in a number of cases the legislature's intent is that ceqa provides that elected officials be responsible for the environm
Feb 8, 2013 5:30am PST
my clients that come in "does your hotel have grab bars in the bathrooms and phone jacks this the rooms," their normal reply is "no, we don't have that,." many elderly people, and disabled people, excuse me -- are prone to falls. with grab bars, it would be easier for them to hold onto, have something to hold onto, prevent falls, prevent injuries or death and yes, save a lot of tack pair dollars because people living in sr o's don't have lots of money or insurance to cover hospital bills and it's taxpayers that wind you have paying those bills. i know the owner of my hotel said they are not installing any kind of grab bars and until the legislation makes them and then and only then, they will put them in so let's make it mandatory and save lives while we do it. >> thank you ms. jordan next speaker? >>> i would like to thank the sponsors for this incredible situation that needs to change. i really appreciate that. i'm joy a bounds and i'm representing senior action network and disability and i would like to say that we heard a lot of stories today and i do not need
Feb 22, 2013 5:00pm PST
, the front steps going up that encroach on to my client's property and so that has to be addressed also before that permit can be issued. >> mr. soriano? >> i promise not to take all of the rebuttal time because i am not fearing anything new. it is nothing that deal with the specific permit. i do want to answer a question that mr. fung had about why are we not moving forward if there were exceptions for us to go ahead and do that. the reason is that the existing permit that is being held up by this appeal, it requires replacement of the stucco work and so we need to be able to address the stucco work before the installation of the windows while we appreciate the exception that was made it has not allowed the work to proceed. it is causing the work stand still and financial damages to the project owner. so just again, suggest that we have got revised plans that the city is calling compliant. and i think that we can address the notice issue the same way that we were going to address them if there was an agreement and i would ask the court to or the board to seriously put into the thought
Feb 22, 2013 6:00pm PST
to save some money for my client. >> you can frame in the window in the door. >> i do have a request. that window has to meet the minimum code requirements. >> yes. and what is, you have done enough houses what is the minimum requirement. >> it depends on the type of window. >> what is it? >> probably i would put inform a double hung and it will probably require let's see, maybe somewhere between 2, 8 in roof, and 5, 6 in height. >> they got bigger in height? >> or encased i need three foot by, three buy five. either one below it in the guardrail. they don't want a door. >> fine a window and we could do a window. and will be on the egress side. >> right. and double litter. >> that is what we want to do. that is what my client. >> you still will have joint custody over the gutter. >> okay. >> in terms of a foundation, i think that the department is already done the inspection and the engineer issues an inspection matter. >> all right. >> okay. >> you want to come back on that issue? >> okay. okay, we have a conclusion is that we will agree and accept that the pipe one pipe and then th
Feb 23, 2013 2:30am PST
client should be gracious in this matter. >> first i am not the designer of this project and i did have a question about interior stairs because i actually that is something that i learned this time is for the administrative (inaudible) and the interior stairs are now required for exit of the building. and he showed to me black and white. and so i say, well, fine, i have the same question as well. i hope that you answer your question. and in terms of the main water litter, that is fine. i guess. >> you will have to go to somebody's side. >> yeah. >> i like to resolve this by, accepting those five points of agreement and modifying the agreement in the following way. let me resummarize all five. my motion is going to be to accept the appeal and condition the permit 1, to accept the revised drawings that are required as enumerated by him, and to deal with the five issues. one is that the fence will be replaced and repaired similar to the chain link fence that was there previously. two, that the permit of rain water, litter and gutter be installed at the valley coming down between the two b
Feb 26, 2013 1:30am PST
to buy a different personality disorders are problems or mental illness. your first client that you are studying is named brad. he has a normal iq, he has been divorced and remarried. he has no history of psychiatric illness. oddly, has worked as a correctional officer for a while. he has worked as a schoolteacher. 16 years ago, he hit his head and knocked himself unconscious. no kind of neurological events following that. for the last year, he has had some migraines. he started using pornography on the internet. he started soliciting sex from women working in massage parlors. he reports that he has a very high sex drive and conceals his behavior because he feels that it is wrong. there is a picture. [laughter] in 2010, he makes some subtle sexual advances to his stepdaughter. mom find out about this and brad is legally removed from the home and diagnosed as a pedophile. he is chemically castrated in treatment to try to reduce his sexual behavior. he is found guilty of child molestation and he is sent to a sexual addiction facility or jail. brad chooses rehab. in rehab, he starts be
Feb 4, 2013 3:00am PST
. 100% of the clients that represented last year didn't wind up facing criminal charges because of the voluntarily interviews they were subjected to. this caused them a great deal of distress and one client wrote to me to tell me i was a source of strength for him when his family was in distress and he thought he was in trouble and the agent wanted to interview him about his political opinions about the situation in his county of origin. these are the realities for members of the community they serve and the fact that we were only given a five minute report tonight about the progress of the ordinance which took years to pass is deeply distressing and i hope you go back to the drawing board and give us more information and more transparency. our coalition has made every effort to make communication over with you. thank you. >> good evening commissioners. i am roxanne shell. i am the coordinator at the community for civil rights in the san francisco bay area. at our clinic we assist individuals who had past contact with the criminal justice system. at our clinic we see firs
Feb 6, 2013 3:00am EST
were consulting with. >> absolutely. working with different clients. bane's experience. it comes to mind, i read an interesting article over the weekend on lincoln's school of management. with the movie lincoln. and it was so striking that the... some of the principles are lessons that president lincoln practiced back then. still apply today. if you want to build an enduring company. the ability to confront and overcome adversity. resilience. the ability to listen thoughtfully, listen to people with all different points of view. and form a perspective. the ability to have enough emotional intelligence that you can stay committed to a broader purpose. and yet have the flexibility to make tough choices and challenges. so many of those things i learned earlier in my career i still apply today at ebay. >> charlie: is that the culture you want to see at ebay? >> i want a culture that cares about its purpose and people join e-bay because of our purpose. i want a culture of innovation and i want a culture of learning and growth. where each of our people are living up to their full poten
Feb 17, 2013 9:30am PST
members of the team and i'd like them to stand up as i introduce them. first of all, my client [speaker not understood] campos. and my co-counsel, jonathan rodriguez. jonathan will be available for questions on construction issues and lease with the city if you have any. i'll be talking about the planning issues. i'd also like to introduce consultant martin kirkwood and consultant jorge mandragon. first, i'd like to thank the city, particularly scott sanchez and kevin guy, for their hard work on this in the recent weeks, and david chiu, supervisor chiu and his aide, justin true as well. this is the third or fourth time i've appeared in front of the commission in the last 20 years on this project. i represented previous developers in trying to make financable a rehab movie theater with a dinner theater on the second floor. we had to go through conditional use and rezonings. that didn't prove to be economically feasible. silver leathers came before the commission. however, this is the first one by mr. campos, my client, and i was at the commission in 2009 when you approved this 6 to 1 wit
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,543 (some duplicates have been removed)